Terror reports with short durability

A few days made the alleged "terror couple from heidelberg" not only in the boulevard press headlines

Goods of the 24-year osman p. And his well-known astrid e. Members of the al-quaeda network? A few days before the 11.September was even fantasized, the entire heidelberg city center should probably be aim of a stop – and what is the day at the anniversary of the connector in the usa. Hardly anyone dared to ask how the fact that the duo was arrested because astrid e. Pretty unambiguous remarks had made an upcoming attack against a friend, to the stylization fits as a top terrorist.

A few days later came the all-clear of official side. The case had been played pretty high, explained a spokeswoman of the heidelberger prosecutor. Thus, from the top terrorist, a labile single duty from the small criminalmilieu without any religious background. The in the apartment of osman p. Found pipe bombs are not ready for use and the stop planes had found themselves in the early experimental phase. But already the press find out that osman p. Because of his career as a small-criminal in the drug milk before the designation in turkey, which had been only in the summer of 2001 by the judiciary.

“Basically ready to freeze the whole atomic parse”

Graphic: tp

Russia and the usa have experienced themselves in the question of new start-up deflection

On the 5th. February 2021, the new start treaty of strategic nuclear weapons closed by the usa and russia runs out of the usa and russia. Good three months before this appointment – and just under two weeks before the us prassidal election – the american sword minister mike pompeo has now announced, "that the underhandlers of the us and russia may meet quickly [become] to be presented to negotiations [over a deflection] and cancel the contract [over this deflection]". For reasons, the former cia boss went to moscow "basically declared to freeze his whole atomic parental", and you are in washington "very happy".

I female what you just thought of

How does memory work?

Most drivers know this situation. Imagine the first traffic sign, a no parking sign. 50 meters in the direction of travel follows the second, signaling a no-stopping zone. Then sign number 3, just a few meters ahead at the intersection – observe right of way. If then also a fourth traffic sign follows (how would it be with a speed limit on 60 km/h?), the visual working memory slowly reaches its limits. What did the very first sign look like? According to science, the working memory can store three to four images – but exactly how this works is still not understood today.

A research paper in the scientific journal nature now tries to provide at least a part of the necessary explanations. In an article, researchers stephenie harrison and frank tong of vanderbilt university in nashville, tennessee, describe a number of peculiarities they noticed under functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fmri.

The phenomenon of millisecond

E-business and rocket technology

What has electronic business to do with space travel? First of all, space travel is a high-tech industry – as well as the internet-oriented software industry. On the other hand, the courses of high-tech shares rose on trips that reached a similar summit-high like ballistic rockets. E-commerce became a march air body for the revolution of the worldwideweb.

The special feature of a ballistic trajectory, however, is that from a certain vertex, the exhibition movement accelerates. This also had to learn investors in the international financial market than the exhibition movements in the 1. Crash level in april 2000 and the 2. Crash level in october 2000 dramatically stronger. As with the impact of a rocket, there was also a bloodbath in the form of price losses from over 95 percent as the japanese internet tactie hikari tsushin or the american nasdaq value us interactive.

Alienscheu of astrophysics

Four hundred years denying the lively space

Four hundred years ago, the view of a generally lively universe universe was still a mortal crime, if you did not keep it for yourself. The italian released giordano bruno (1548 – 1600) dared loud and clearly to talk about and landed on the pyre. For a circumstance, he became exercises like: "that’s why i always claimed that it gives up-to-date worlds similar to this earth."

So much vision went the powerful mother of the church over the hathouse. If the heretic resisted right, the clergy, the clergy was questioned in question by jesus christ. She finally turns out the core stuck of christian teaching. Why should god’s son come here, if the blue planet is only one of many others? Also the role of the pope as a sole deputy of god and its infallibility to eitlem delusion. Last but not least, there were fewer deposits and church taxes from a clarified humanity.

Tales from the modern age of a bio-grandfather for his virtual grandchildren

The "grandchair"-mit project

Grandparents are full biological databases, which can tell you at least as much about the bad old days as about the good ones. Not only that famous "red grandfather" can tell about his struggle and urge time, also on the search for the lost everyday life of grandma and grandpa everyone there are exciting stories to hear. But who still has time to listen to grobeltern, when even the kids in the meantime in a scheduled everyday life between school, music lessons and riding lessons rarely get on the push of the old to get experience-saturated "face-to-face"-stories to listen to.

Jennifer smith from mit has solved the problem of saving irretrievable everyday stories of older generations psychologically and ergonomically with grandchair: the grandparents sit comfortably in a rocking chair in front of a monitor on which a virtual, but at least attentive grandson not only listens, but also inquisitively asks questions about the stone age of the elderly.

Usa-saudi arabia: support of a war monster

Usa-saudi-arabia: support of a war monster

U.S. Secretary of defense michael r. Pompeo and saudi arabia’s crown prince mohammed bin salman, january 2019. Image: us department of defense/general public domain

In all likelihood, the vote in the senate won’t change that. The lesson is: "we are dealing with reality and not idealism"

The lobby is back and not a bit less confident after the bloodbath inflicted on kashoggi. "Treasure what you have in crown prince muhammed bin salman and get along with it. He will stay for a long time and is the best the west can get", is the message of ali shihabi, a former investment banker in saudi arabia, currently head of the think tank arabia foundation.

Polish government sees its security policy confirmed

After the attack in berlin, warsaw refers to the success of its own anti-migration policy, the minister of the interior speaks of the "clash of civilizations"

In poland, special attention was paid to the first victim of the attack, a polish truck driver. The dead man found on the passenger seat of the truck is the 37-year-old cousin of the polish forwarder artur zurawski from gryfino (greifenhagen) near the german border and the actual driver of the heavy transporter.

The businessman confirmed the identity of the dead man, lukasz urban, to the polish news channel tvn, saying that the polish police had provided him with a photo. The murdered man was beaten with a sharp object, beaten and shot. "He has fought", he had been told by the police. Bild claims that the polish driver lived until the moment of the attack and was then shot by the perpetrator.

Ankara attesta had allegedly links to is

Good two weeks before the pre-drawn parliamentary election bluhen the consorting theories

On saturday, two suicide dull deaths on a demonstration for peace between the turkish state and the forbidden kurdish party pkk in the turkish capital ankara at least 99 people and injured over 400 partly difficult. The turkish state president recep tayyip erdogan, who laid flowers on wednesday flowers on the crime scene, spoke after this heaviest stop in the country’s history of a failure of security authorities. Meanwhile, the police and intelligence chiefs were released for the capital.

The bbc wants to learn about turkish investigations that it is one of the tatter – yunus a. – to the submerged brother of abdurrahman a. Acts – the man who is on the 20th. July in the city of suruc over 30 young kurds burst into the air. This brother of the suruc attentestan should as well as its mittater omer d. Have maintained connections to the islamic state (is). The municipal is to be traveled to syria twice, where the terror group is in the eastern half of the country. That the two are the likely taders, the behaviors allegedly found out by dna examinations of body parts. Their bomb made of tnt and metal balls should have been very similar in suruc.

Hacker against hacker

Hacker politics: because a group "hackers against america" with "digital weapons" another hacker took down the u.S. Website

Last week, a group of hackers had gotten together and put a website on a russian server in order to start "digital weapons" the "tyranny of the usa" to fight. The supposedly international group that uses "hackers against america" (haa), but for the time being it has already run into problems with colleagues.

Hacker against hacker

If the impression is not correct, the activities of somewhat politically motivated internet users, who use cracker means to make their opinions known and possibly cause damage to their opponents by paralyzing websites, seem to depend on the nature of the conflict. At the beginning of the intifada, which is still ongoing, there was a veritable infowar, in which palestinian cyber-activists were also able to achieve initial successes. Israeli groups countered. Eventually, the real conflict on both sides became bloodier and bloodier. The virtual skirmishes lost their importance as a result (no more electronic intifada). In fact, they become relatively irrelevant when people die in real life on both sides.